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"Governance research and certification is at the centre of our activities. We research the needs of the organisations and individuals and certify."

IGRCI focus on the needs of the organisations in relation to the achievement of objectives and provide with guidances on how to achieve them. IGRCI publish articles and white papers on various governance areas from time to time.
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GDPR certification, Data Privacy, PCI DSS, AGILE, cybersecurity, vednor management
IGRCI is introducing certification on PCI DSS and Vendor Management.

IGRCI invites application from training organisations to become ATO (Accredited Training Organisations to offer training courses and certification exams.

IGRCI is registered in the UK as a limited company.

IGRCI offer certification on many different standards and frameworks exisiting in the industry or owned by IGRCI through accredited training organisations. These certifications are industry recongnised and valued across.

IGRCI develope frameworks for different areas of activities in an organisation. Be it vendor management or cybersecurity. These frameworks give comprehensive guidance on how to govern the activities in the organisation.

IGRCI enables an organisation to have an adequacy check of an area for the capability of a process. The assessment framework for different areas can be used by an accredited assessor for certified assessments.
GDPR is here....Data Privacy is becoming more and more important for all kinds of corporates and other organisations. Are you ready to face the challenge?

Come get certified...

IGRCI has 'Certified Privacy and GDPR Practitioner' certification. Check with our ATOs...
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