Institute for Governance Research and Certification International
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IGRCI offer a variety of certifications for organisations and individuals.
IGRCI accredit organsiations to conduct exams and IGRCI issue certificates.
Individuals can get accredited as Assessors to perform IGRCI endorsed assessments.
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GDPR certification, Data Privacy, PCI DSS, AGILE, cybersecurity, vednor management
IGRCI is an independant research and certification organisation. IGRCI is not for profit and is not affiliated to any commercial organisation.

IGRCI accredit commercial/non commercial training organisations to deliver trainings on the topics based on an IGRCI prescribed syllabus. The ATOs (Accredited Training Organisations) must meet the criteria to deliver the trainings and exams. The evaluation done by IGRCI is stringent and binding. IGRCI maintains high standards on this.

IGRCI invites application from training organisations to become ATO (Accredited Training Organisations to offer training courses and certification exams.

Organisational certifications
Researching Needs. Certifying Capability.
Organisations can apply for assessments through accredited organisations for certifications on various standards and frameworks exisiting in the industy and that are IGRCI's own as well.

Individuals can get certified on a number of standards, best practice frameworks and methodologies.
Project Management
Often an area jeopardised. Determine the organisation's capability to manage projects.
How capable an organisation is prepared to address cyber threats. How well it can respond to an incident.
Vendor Management
Organisations have always an issue with vendor management. This certification is based on IGRCI's vendor governance framework.
Agile Adaption
How well an organisation has adopted and adapted agile concepts to manage their projects.
Service Management
ITSM assessment based on established best practices in the industry like ITIL, COBIT 5.
Data Privacy
How the orgnisation is managing the privacy of sensitive data? Does it comply with regulations like GDPR?
Personnel certifications
Supplier  Management
A certification relevant for supplier managers, procurement managers covering lifecycle of supplier management.
Data Privacy
Meet GDPR requirements. Learn the regulatory requirements. Get certified on how to protect data privacy.
What is cybersecurity? Learn how to protect the data from cybersecurity threats. Learn all that is involved.
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Information Security
Today security of information has become the most significant element for any organisation. How it is ensured?
Learn what is involved in PCI DSS implementation to protect payment and card information. Get certified..
Sarbanes Oxley (SOx)
Certifications for inividuals to showcase thier knowledge on SOx and related activities - implementation and auditing.
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